Swing Trading With Technical Analysis Paperback

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Swing trading is all about taking a position in stocks for a few trading days or a few candles depending on the time frame you trade in.

This book will teach you the basics of swing trading and how it is different from other trading strategies like intraday trading or positional delivery based trading or investing.

The book will explain you basics of technical analysis and how you can use various technical analysis tools like support & resistance, moving averages, candlesticks, chart patterns and indicators to identify swing trading opportunities, with help of various case studies and charts.

Book will help you in getting answers to questions like when to enter, how long to hold and when to sell in shorter time frames of swing trading and help you to take home most of the profits every time you make a trade based on swing trading.

Book also explains important concept of Risk Management in Swing Trading.

The Swing Trading Guide will help you to master short term trading technique of Swing Trading and Make Big Money in Indian Stock Market.

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